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Racy JC: Old Men Dig Black Chics!

By JC Davies, author of “I Got the Fever: Love, What’s Race Got to Do With It?”

I was reading an article the other day and it really surprised me—and because you know I’m Racy JC, I do not get surprised easily. I thought it was something you guys might find worth a look. (okay seriously. We have gotten so lazy we can’t even make the time to get off the couch and go on a three-minute speed date?) decided to do a little analysis concerning their clients and the world of race and dating. And this is where the surprising part comes in. They found that as they got older, men were much more likely than women to date outside of their race. By age 60, in fact, 70% of women dated exclusively within their own ethnicity versus only 38% of men. This leads me to only one conclusion—old men dig black chicks. Okay, I kid. I am a kidder. But unlike most of the stupid anecdotal information that comes from a lot of dating site analyses, I thought this was really interesting. says it’s the “exotic factor” and that men appreciate a different “point of view.” You had me at exotic, but I don’t think it is the woman’s “point of view” that these guys are into.

I think men find sex with women of different races exciting. Why not? It is. But what I don’t understand is what makes women turn inward as they get older. Women usually seem to be the beacons of tolerance and understanding, but when they get old, surmises it’s all about “comfort in what they know.” I thought we never stopped learning. And what does that mean for me? All I have ever dated, aside from the dark I-talian boyfriend in high school, is men of different races. So if I take “comfort in what I know,” I don’t think that means I will be rushing back to rednecks from my California hometown. I think that means I will keep doing what I am doin’. And I think that going forward, women will be more like me than like the older women described in this survey. The CEO said that “what is encouraging is that our findings revealed that across the board, the younger generations were much more open to diversity and dating outside of their circle.” So, like me, they should be comfortable with a much wider range of people and races. But I can’t close without saying: Good job old dudes!

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