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Rainbeau Diversity: Why Chinese and Indian Men Should Be on Your Radar

BB&W Crew member, Craig (who’s married to a BW with teenaged children) sent this to me:

I saw in the July Harper’s “Harper’s Index” a statistic about the boy/girl birth rate in India. As I recall, it was something like 600,000 more boys born than girls in 2010, due largely to gender selective practices of parents. Same has been true in China for decades. As a result, huge numbers of men in India and China with no possibility of a wife. I’m not a fan of the theory of interracial relationship based on available mate pool – the notion that BW should look to WM because of a shortage of BM. However, to the extent anybody subscribes to that theory, India and China will certainly be, er, fertile fields. And students from both of those countries are outpacing American kids in terms of admission to good universities and lucrative high tech degrees.

Take a look at line 13-ish…

But here’s my initial thought. Upside: Warm fuzzies aside, marriage at it’s core, is a merger. Think like a business woman. You see a vacuum, a need, or a burgeoning demand, and you’re Ms. Acme Zenith, what would you do? Marriage is an integral part of Chinese and Indian culture, and 600,000 Indians are going to be hard pressed to find their “Harnisha” or “Sehnita.” These man are also 3x as educated as American men in highly marketable jobs.

Downside: Colorism is KRAAAZAY with a KKK with both Chinese and Indian cultures, so much so that little Indian mothers are taking out newspaper advertisements looking for whiter-skinned potential wives for their sons. You also have the problem of minority competition in America and the hard-scrabble fight to be high upon the racial hierarchy. Plus the very thing that makes marriage so important to these men (the family) is also what could/would prevent such a merger between a Asian man and a black woman. A paradox if I’ve ever seen one, no?

Would love to hear what the Chinese and Indian brothers have to say about this.

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