Random Thoughts About the Boston Bomber–What’s Your Take?

I’ve deliberately stayed out of the reportage about the Boston Marathon bomber(s) because as I suspected, the mainstream media no longer pays their writers and reporters to actually report, but regurgitate. As a result, we learned early on that the bomber was a light-skinned-dark-skinned-Saudi-National-Christian-fundamentalist-Muslim-extremist.

But now it seems we know a little bit more about the psychos who executed this horrific event that killed three people (one of which was an innocent eight-year-old boy) and critically wounded countless others was most likely Muslim extremists from Chechnya.


I have to go ahead a state my bias here–I’m not a fan of Muslim extremists. I would never invite them for coffee. I’m also a little annoyed that if the followers of Islam are so dang peaceful, why don’t they peacefully take these fools to the back of the building and kick some arse. Don’t get me wrong, as  a Christian I’m aware of it’s sordid history of crazies and zealots who killed because they thought God told them in a dream after they smoked some crack and ate some mushrooms. And granted, I can only go by what is reported by what I already established is a flacid media machine, so I know I’m not getting the full story, but AS A WHOLE, I’m just really not feeling many (okay all) of the cultural mores associated with Islam, like how women have to wear head-to-toe coverings even in 100-degree weather while their hairy-assed husbands can wear swim trunks at the beach. Kid you not–saw it with my own eyes. Poor lady kept pulling at her sleeves trying desperately to get some ventilation. Then there’s the honor killings. Oh. And the beheadings. And that whole, not letting girls go to school thing. Oh! And the vaginal mutilations. And the multiple wives thing. Did I cover it all? I feel like I might have missed something…oh yes. That whole, not letting your wives leave the house EVER without a male relative.

Don’t get me wrong, Christians can be crazy too, but there’s not a lot I’m seeing TODAY that’s that oppressive and draconian. Make no mistake, at one point in history Christians did this same stuff, but like, hundreds of years ago. They’re still crazy, but they’re not regularly burning villages to the ground on behalf of the Pope.

So there it is. I’m not a fan.

As a woman, I struggle to truly find the appeal of adopting Islamic culture (not the religion, the culture). I have yet to see such relationships based on equality.

Oh, and by the way, I apologize in advance to all the people I have inevitably offended. I should also add that you might describe me as “Christian lite,” so I really have little to no emotional stake in Team Christian taking over for Team Muslim, except maybe as long as Team Christian will allow me to swim in a bikini with my clitoris intact I’ll root for them, because I like not getting heat stroke and I LOVE orgasms.

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