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Reason 20 Kabillion Why Wal*Mart Sucks: White Father Accused of Kidnapping Because Security and Onlookers Thought They “Don’t Match Up.”

Forget about “What The Cuss?!” file this story under “OMG Seriously?? GTFOOH!!”

ATTENTION SWIRLING DADS AND MOMS, BE SURE TO CARRY YOUR BIRACIAL CHILDREN’S BIRTH CERTIFICATES WHENEVER YOU VENTURE MORE THAN 50 FEET AWAY FROM YOUR HOME IF YOU LIVE IN WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA. Because apparently the brilliant folks of that city obviously banned biology in school, so as to not allow their citizens to have a clue about dominate and recessive genes. That’s GOT to be the only explanation as to why a white guy named Joseph had the cops called on him when he took his three BIOLOGICAL daughters to Wal*Mart and some toothless jerk (maybe security, maybe a hillbilly customer) sounded the alarm that the cute little brown children calling Joseph “Daddy” were simply experiencing the early stages of Stockholm Syndrome and were being kidnapped. Yes; the white man lovingly and leisurely strapping his three girls into car seats while they giggled and fought over who gets to hold “Daddy’s” hand was really a ruthless predator hell-bent on the diabolical. See for yourself:

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Many of us parents of biracial children joke about something like this happening, but to see it played out in real time and real life is truly gut-wrenching. I for one don’t believe for one millisecond that anyone with ANY sense could honestly think this man would and could be capable of kidnapped not one, but THREE little girls, all of whom seem to absolutely adore their dad.

According to the officer, the police department was contacted by a Walmart security guard who saw Joseph with his children in the parking lot and thought it was “strange.”

An outraged Keena says she then called Walmart, demanding an explanation for the incident, but security wouldn’t take responsibility for the false alarm and insisted that it was a customer who initiated the allegations by expressing that he saw her husband with the girls and “didn’t think that they fit.”

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Could this have been a cruel and deliberate attempt at harassment? I wouldn’t put it past some folks. Again it seems that the coastal states reign supreme in widespread acceptance of interracial relationships. Must be something in all that granola and fresh ocean air.

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