What the Cuss?

This is one of the Reasons So Many White Guys Think Black Women are Off Limits.

Sticking out tongues

I get so exhausted of these shout-in-from-the-rooftop black women who use media platforms to announce they would rather give a cat a blow job than to date white men. It’s just one big old hand job for ego-bruised black men butt hurt over seeing “their women” putting down their swords and shields and deciding to be happy on their own terms. And while the author, quite pretty and”exotic” looking, probably has her pick of whomever she wishes to date, the majority of black women are “regular” and not high of the priority list for black men who mostly NEVER limit their dating options (which is a-okay by me; no shade, promise!). I just love it when light-skinned black women with long hair proclaim how they could NEVER date anything but a black man, though. How convenient it is to exclude a group when you’re at the top of the colorism pedestal.

I have YET to see ONE article written by a black man stating that he would rather eat a dog’s anus than date a white woman, the slave master’s daughter. WHERE DAT STORY AT, BLACK VOICES??? What I find interesting is black-centered sites like Black Voices and others (Clutch, I’m looking at you) can write these pieces all day long but I wouldn’t DARE pitch them a story on why it’s cool to date the rainbeau. But bash whitey posts are good for publication all day and every day.

Look, swirling is about having OPTIONS and feeling free to pursue your preferences. I hate that the most uncoupled and most unweded women in the United States are the first in line to tell everyone who will listen who they WON’T date.

Gun, meet foot.

Why I Don’t Sleep With White Guys

Eternity E Martis

Eternity E Martis

Student, University of Western Ontario

They say nothing comes without a price. However, in the case of being one of the only coloured girls in my city, nothing comes without a race.

I live in a predominately white city. Not by choice (I’m from Toronto), but to attend university. When I first got to the city, I thought people would be incredibly racist and I’d be excluded and snubbed by my peers. Well, the opposite happened.

Arrogance aside (I promise), everywhere I went, I was white men’s object (emphasis on object) of desire. And it wasn’t just white men — all races of men I’ve never encountered, but white men seemed the most enthralled by my presence. But the initial adoration and my swelled ego soon subsided after I realized that men were not attracted to me for being just a “pretty face” — I was being objectified, exoticized and sexualized for being one of few coloured girls in a sea of white men. I felt alone. And more importantly, I felt disgusted with myself.

Feminist, social activist and African American author bell hooks terms this kind of attraction to the ‘Othered’ body as “Eating the Other.” This is the phenomenon where white men as well as the media view coloured women’s bodies, especially black women’s, as a site of difference. The coloured body is stereotypically everything the white woman’s body is not: she is not “pure,” “fair,” or “docile.” Rather, her body represents deviance, darkness, temptation, evil, and hypersexuality. This detrimental image generates a deep sense of desire and adventure within the white man — a desire to colonize her body — ‘eat’ it up, and use it to come to know himself.

Through fucking a coloured woman, the white man transcends his ‘whiteness’ and innocence, moving into more experienced and dangerous territory. Literally through her body, he learns what he is and what he is not. He gains access to cross the border into a dark territory that only he, of all his friends, has yet to venture to. But after ‘consuming’ her multiple times, he becomes sick and repulsed, as with any overconsumption of food, and spits her out.

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