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Best Response EVER to the “Marriage is Just a Piece of Paper” Comment…



We’ve got the smartest commenters EVER. MixedUpinVegas gave the money response to a young lady said that “marriage was a piece of paper,” on this post and it was so good I thought it deserved it’s own post.


A piece of paper?  Yes, an important one.  Birth certificates are just a piece of paper–try to get a drivers’ license, a Social Security card or any other benefit without it.  Pieces of paper ARE important.  To demean marriage as “just a piece of paper” shows that you don’t know diddly about how important some pieces of paper are.  Please educate yourself, my sister; you have a LOT to learn.

If your commitment to your “partner” and any children you might have is a strong, lasting one, why WOULDN’T you marry? (And if it isn’t why would you have children with a transient boo?) Why wouldn’t you want to be able to visit your partner in the hospital, help make treatment decisions and share in his health insurance and other work-related benefits for yourself and any children you might have?

Speaking of children, why wouldn’t you want your children to be born legitimate?  Have the legal right to his share of any inheritances and benefits that might accrue to him?  Have the unquestioned right to his support and assistance in their education and upbringing?  Why would you deny them the same rights and privileges that other children born in wedlock have?

Why wouldn’t you ensure the property rights of both parties to the marital assets, particularly in the case of the untimely death of one partner?  Why wouldn’t you want to be in a position to own your communal home without estate taxes, collect your partner’s life insurance, Social Security and have the benefit of your partner’s IRA, bank accounts and personal property (cars, ect.?) automatically come to you and your children?


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