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Ricky on Danielle, Their Anniversary, and Black-on-Asian Love

I’m one of the luckier guys out there, because my anniversary is pretty easy to remember: March 3rd. Thus, I get in trouble a lot less than the average joe. As I bask in the glory of my able-ness to remember my anniversary, I couldn’t help but notice that I’ve been dating a black woman in modern America for three years already.
I say it in such a way because we are the only asian male black female (ambw) couple I know in my area. There are lots of ambw couples online, on youtube, in different online social communities, and so forth. However, in real life, I have not seen any. Nor do I see a lot of asian/black coupling for that matter. As humans, are we not just able to experience love as the other color combinations? Did God/Mother Nature/Allah/Satan(yes, he is worshipped in certain circles)/etc grant only certain color/gender combinations to have love and create relationships? Does Love REALLY see no color?

Its really surprising to me that ambw relationships have not been utilized more in America. Yes I know our culture indirectly keep us at bay and don’t really give us a chance nor the environment to meet. Kinda like your first time having sushi isn’t it? Back in the 80s, most Americans would frown at having raw fish rolled up in rice and seaweed as lunch. But now a days, sushi is considered the lunches of working professionals. Hence, through familiarity, I feel ambw couples can also become a mainstream couple in America. All it takes is open-mindedness and education.
We started off our anniversary with a nice lunch I made her. Pan heated Naan, oxtail stew with daikon radish and broccoli, and fruits for dessert. We then went to Golfland, a miniature golf fun center with a games room where people can win tickets from winning in games. We played everything from air hockey to shooting miniature basketballs. Just from the Deal or No Deal games, we won about 400 tickets. With about 800 tickets in our hands, we went to exchange it for a little red dragon of a stuffed toy. We named her Lola.

Besides the fact that we are a man and a woman in love, we hold a lot of people accountable in their views. We challenge stigmas and social acceptance. For the most part, there really wasn’t a challenge. People love us, and go out of their way to be nice. They chat with us, think we’re cool ( we’re not THAT cool ), and offer to make life easy for us. But for a select few, we teach them something about life. For that black guy who holds his white trophy girlfriend on his side or that Asian girl who hangs on to her white boyfriend, they must conform to the acceptance of one love between all colors, and understand that hypocrisy is when they stare disapprovingly of others, but yet are dating someone of a different color themselves.
We then drove a few miles out to a Spa where we had a couples’ massage by two lovely ladies. We had our feet massaged with warm water and soap. Then we stripped and were massaged with body oils. It was relaxing, fun, and sensual. The only thing I didn’t like (and know) was that therapists massage where you are not clothed. Since I was wearing my Armani Boxer Briefs, I didn’t get my ass nor hips massaged.
That is unacceptable. All I know is, next time I’m there, I’m going commando.
After that, my girlfriend sprung her junk food horns and decided to get an ice cream sandwich at a Cookie Connection right next door. It’s been a while since I had any kind of junk food so I didn’t resist too much. It was delicious. I thought about buying some cookies to take home but my health side came to and smacked my cravings upside the head. My hand eased off my wallet.
We then went to Lucille’s barbeque for dinner. After waiting forever and a day, we finally got a seat, next to an attractive black woman and her Carl Winslow of a boyfriend. My peripheral vision noticed that she kept glazing over our direction. Opening eyes, opening minds.

Danielle and I exchanged gifts. She got me a custom bracelet with a love phrase on there and I got her a jade bracelet. Barbeque came next. We ordered trip tip and St Louis ribs with fresh vegetables and mashed potatoes. We ate like cave people and cleaned off our plates. The bread came with apple butter, which was delicious. Unfortunately, the girlfriend didn’t think so. It was around 8pm when we finished so we decided to hit Dave and Busters. We played more games, won more tickets, and shared a vanilla milkshake. Dave and Busters were really stingy with their ticket to prize ratio. You had to literally win a million tickets to win a plastic keychain. Ridiculous. Hence, we kept the tickets for next time so we can get a better gift. We ended the night at my place where she slept over.

Couple of hours later, I gazed at the night stars while I listened to Danielle’s gentle breathing. And I fell asleep in her warm embrace.


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