Robert De Niro Splits from Grace Hightower. Why It Doesn’t Matter.

Last week’s news cycle comprised of the very sad news that Robert De Niro split from his wife of 20 years, Grace Hightower. Critics of interracial marriage in the bowels of the black sector of YouTube are pointing to this event as proof of some kind that interracial relationships don’t work, and De Niro got wise and realized what black men already knew–black women are “trash.”



If they are trying to point to a relationship that failed because of swirling, they shouldn’t pick one that has lasted over 20 years and produced two children. Being married 20 years in Hollywood (heck ANYWHERE!) is a major accomplishment! They also should pick a better white male example. Because all of De Niro’s serious relationships have been with black women, and he has six half-black children. If past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, chances are the two-time Emmy Award winner will pair with yet another chocolate sista.

Don’t get me wrong. The split is sad. De Niro and Hightower were our beacons of hope during the early days of promoting interracial relationships featuring black women. They were right up there with Iman and David Bowie. But…if the swirling critics think that this split is going to slow down this fast-moving train, they need to think again.

As more and more black women are taking the chance and expanding their options, it is becoming more and more common and the need to look to outlier icons has diminished. You don’t need to draw strength from celebrity interracial couples when you can regular people in interracial relationships just living and enjoying life.

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