Secret Rule to Meet Men

Written by Saran Lawson

It’s crowded in the Mexican Restaurant the day we decided to patronize. This place is standing room only. Of course, the bar was packed. People were even standing in some of the open spaces between the tables. My friends and I got a table across from the bar after almost an hour of waiting. So, between drinks, I had more than enough time to observe the people around me. I saw some regular everyday black women in their late 30’s possibly early 40’s seated at the bar. They weren’t particularly fit, or even that fashion-forward. Yet, men approached them ALL NIGHT. All kinds of men spoke to them; Old men, younger men, black men, white men, etc. Do you know why? There is an old real estate saying, “Location, Location, Location”. It’s that simple. So, I thought I would do the most helpful article to date. Here is my playlist of when and where to meet men.

A Seat at the Table – Solange

One reason the bar location worked so well for those group of ladies is that they were at a bar. They’re seated together in a row. The great part is the bar was built for solo eaters. So, they didn’t seem intimidating because they weren’t technically together. They were able to speak to everyone at the bar and still remain individuals. Men were able to approach them freely without feeling the pressure of the rest of the pack. It’s a little hard to cock block on a bar stool. Not impossible, but indeed somewhat difficult.

Time – Pink Floyd

It was a Friday on an unofficial holiday around evening. There were a lot of different people taking advantage of the specials. The wait was supposed to be 25 minutes. We were seated 20 minutes AFTER the 25 minutes passed.  There were tons of opportunities to speak to people about well,  anything. People were just standing around in the crowded space waiting to be engaged by the music, a cocktail, anything. You would be surprised how open people are to a conversation when they are waiting around. Guess who else waits around for tables? Menfolk, they also like to eat. We spoke to a group of guys waiting for a table directly across from us. It wasn’t forced or anything. Just a group of people with nothing better to do than wait for a table.

I get it, sometimes meeting other singles take a back seat to life. This is how you become a little rusty. You don’t remember the most opportune times to make yourself available.  You’re bound to meet at least one person on a busy night at a restaurant, and I count that as a win. You can’t meet people staying in your house! You have to get out and mingle. If you live in a fairly active city you have more chances than others. However, starting with your local restaurant, bar or tapas is by far the easiest. There are tons of opportunities to meet guys when you are single. Try to put yourself out there in some of these situations and let us know how it goes. I can’t wait for you guys to get out and mingle!

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