Review: Semi-Custom Fit Shades from Sunglass Hut

Sunglass Hut agreed to be an affiliate partner with our site, so I decided to do my due diligence and investigate the service before I presented them to you. I was in mourning over losing some gorgeous Coach sunglasses that fit my heart-shaped face beautifully and looked so classy. I had selected them on location at the store so I was able to try them on in person to assure the look and fit. I was a bit wary to buy sunglasses online that I wouldn’t really be able to try out, and since I’m absolutely awful about returning merchandise I don’t like, it could have been an incredible waste of money.

I was delighted when I logged on to Sunglass Hut and realized they have a sizing feature based on the shape of your face and size of your head! You can also select based on brand, request customized engraving, materials, get the lenses specially treated, refine your search based on price, the list goes on. I used the fit feature to select these Versace glasses…AND I LOVE THEM!!!!


Everyone knows that a decent pair of sunglasses is an investment. This custom-selected pair was $260.

So Why Sunglass Hut?

Sure; you can order designer sunglasses on fire-sale sites like Hautelook (which I have done before partnering with Sunglass Hut) but those orders are more often ‘final sale.’ There are absolutely no worries when it comes to Sunglass Hut, and here’s their guarantee.

A special bonus is the two-day free shipping. I ordered on a Tuesday and got them on Thursday. The packaging was boss.

50% off Sunglass Hut Collection! Limited time only. Shop now.


It’s amazing how these sunglasses and a cute purse can totally transform this basic black jumper into something so classy!

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