My Semi-Formal Announcement…The “SheThrives” Network is Set to Launch in Two Weeks!!

I’ve been itching to share this news with all of you for months, but I’ve had to bite my tongue until we got close enough, because I was afraid evil dwarves from the Netherworld might sprinkle bad luck juice on the whole thing. Call me paranoid, but evil dwarves are REAL.

Me and five other brilliant black women have formed the FIRST black-woman-owned network specifically designed for the New, NEW black woman. It’s Beyond Black & White on steroids…just with more diversity of voices and thought…everything you love about learning in life in ONE network, so you won’t need to surf for eons looking for home. The network is called SheThrives. Here’s the deets:


African American Bloggers Announce “SheThrives,” a Blogging Network Targeting Affluent and Upwardly Mobile Single-Woman Demographic

Full Logo Temp



(each of the icons represents the founders. I’m the one with the diamond earrings and curly ‘fro.)


LAS VEGAS, NV (March –, 2013) In the first venture of it’s kind, six African American women have launched the SheThrives Network, a blogger network that will build, pool and/or share in resources, content, audience and revenue opportunities, while fostering community among a diverse and forward-thinking female audience. Christelyn Karazin, creator of the widely popular online women’s publication, Beyond Black & White, worked to develop the concept of a share information network with colleagues, Jenn Jackson, TerriAnn MacDonald, Gennifer Miller, Vanisha Sapp and Jamie Broadnax that would bring compelling content in the area of politics, relationships, travel, health and healthy living, beauty, style, news, trends and women issues to be delivered in in both quality and quantity.


The African American female market continues to be an underserved demographic despite the tremendous buying power of black women, who are more educated, more career-focused and more ambitious that any time before in history.


The SheThrives network serves the interests of the new, liberated, and socially-savvy Black woman, who is determined to find her own happiness, discover her inner and outer beauty, and live life on no one’s terms except her own. She’s making decisions about what’s best for her body, soul, mind and life.

(A Sample Template of the SheThrives Network landing page…)


The opportunity for advertising programs and partnerships with the network is intuitive–companies will have the luxury of knowing exactly who they are speaking to, with laser-point precision. Campaigns can be designed and tailored for the network at large–which reaches over 1,000,000 page views monthly–and also in “boutique fashion,” with tailored reviews on individual blogs and touting programs on social networks like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.


The idea for  a network popped into my mind last year, and seeing it come to life is like watching one of my kids being born. I’m good at big picture stuff, but the details–retaining an attorney, domain, business plan, articles of incorporation, blah blah blah are mind-numbing to me. Thank GOD I surround myself with people smarter than me, otherwise it would have never happened. I’m working with five AMAZING young BLACK women who see the vision and opportunity, and you know what’s crazy? There’s been absolutely ZERO drama! ZERO!!! Who says black women can’t get along and make things happen? Whoever said that needs to take every seat in the entire STAPLES CENTER because we did it!


The plan is to eventually expand the network with other like-minded bloggers so share ideas, reach and economic opportunities for entrepreneurial black women who share our vision. If you’re interested in joining us in the future, hit me up at [email protected]. To keep up on the launch and the latest developments, like our page on Facebook.


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