Shooting in France Raises Questions About Liberal Immigration in European Countries

When I heard about the self-proclaimed jihadist who shot four people at a Jewish school and killed three soldiers in Toulouse, France, I have to admit I got angry. The killer, a French citizen of Algerian decent, claims that his rampage is in retaliation for the government disallowing Muslim women from wearing veils, among other offenses and affronts.

“As regards the killing of the children at the Jewish school in Toulouse, he was very explicit,” said Mr. Guéant, referring to the suspect. “He said he wanted to avenge the deaths of Palestinian children.” The suspect is “less explicit” on his motives for allegedly killing the three paratroopers. He said the fact that they were of North African origin didn’t feature in his decision. “What he wanted was to target the French army,” a source says in the Wall Street Journal.

From all indications, this man is a French citizen.

Let me go on the record that I think that liberal European governments who celebrate their immigration liberalism SO MUCH that they are willing to sacrifice the safety of their native citizens are irresponsible and completely misguided. How the heck would I look if I, because of some brain lesion that left me insane, decided to pack it up and move to Iran and go up in there insisting I should be able to wear a bikini down the street and open a pork, bacon, and ham restaurant? It absolutely galls me how people flee from one country, immigrate to another, and then try to transform their new country into something that reminds them of the old one. And why, pray tell, are fervently religious Muslims moving to liberal, secular countries in the first place? Why not move to someplace like Turkey?

What do you think? Should Western governments be open to immigration by a body of people whose governing philosophy is diametrically different?


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