Since You Asked…The Lipstick I Was Sporting When I Helped Hand Marc Lamont Hill His Ass.

LOL not really. I just love writing salacious headlines. Marc seems like a nice guy, just…perpetually “confused.” On purpose.

Anyhoozle, I’ve been getting some messages about the lip color I was sporting and so I thought I’d share. It’s a tinted lip balm called “Big Apple” from CAILYN cosmetics. I told you in a previous post that bold lips are the leading trend this season, and I’m glad, because it’s easier than blending eight shades of eyeshadow. Ride the wave while it lasts, ladies. The trend will change in another five minutes.


TRADE SECRET: The key to rocking perfect lips is to start with a neutral palette. Use concealer first, before you apply a liner or color. Concealer well…conceals. It blends the multitude of colors (i.e. dark spots) that compete with the uniformity that you want to achieve. The morning of the interview I used SMASHBOX Camera Ready BB Cream in DARK all over my face, INCLUDING OVER my lips.

Conceal, then Line

After the concealer, lined my lips with MAKE UP FOREVER aqua liner in color 8C (true red). I went *slightly* outside the line to plump the pout, and then filled in with CAILYN’s “Big Apple.”It goes on very matte, so I recommend you apply a little lip balm before you apply. What I love about this brand is that the put a pretty-good-quality brush in the packaging, so it saves time from me having to dig through my stash to find my ever-elusive lip liner brush.

In order to get that deep red, I went over my lips a few times to build up the pigment, which was pretty good in the first place but when you’re on camera you have to apply more makeup because light application doesn’t cut it. After the cameras go off, I love the fact that you can make this go on light for just a blush of color or go deep, depending on your mood and the situation. What’s more, I didn’t have to reapply the color AT ALL during the day. After the interview I spent the rest of the day volunteering and my kid’s school, and I could have left the bottle at home.

Here’s a photo of my makeup five hours after the interview…


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