Married Swirling

So…Guess Where I’m At?? He Really Surprised Me.

Remember a while back when I was wringing my hands about what to do for me and The Hubster’s 10th anniversary, and I told you that he had some top-secret plan the he refused to tell me about it?

Well, turns out he had something muy importanto to tell me.



He wants to start cross dressing.



The Hubster at a ridiculously HUGE accessory store in Santa Barbara

Just kidding.

He’s still a guy’s guy.


Mike in front of an old mission...I forget which one.

Mike in front of an old mission...I forget which one.

We’re in Santa Barbara! And had no friggin idea where we were going until we got on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Here’s where we are:


And Goldilocks said, "This bed is juuuuust riiiiiight!"

I’m looking at this dude who planned our stay at a luxury boutique hotel, in-room, his and her massages and later, dinner at some fanch-schmancy restaurant (and soon I’m gonna have to get out of this cushy bed and spend an hour doing my makeup) and thinking, dang.

He really loves me.


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