What the Cuss?

Sometimes It Really IS a Conspiracy: Black Girl Has Best Grades, White Folks Won’t Have It.

I can’t BELIEVE it! Oh, wait. It’s The South.

I can believe it.

Kymbery Wimberly (gotta love that name she’s got a future as a newscaster for sure) EARNED the top spot at as valedictorian at her Pine Bluff, FARTkansas high school, but school officials said she had to share the spot with a white student who had a lower GPA because, I guess, having A BLACK GIRL be THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST is contrary to the hicks on the school board’s idea that a black student can’t possibly be more higher-acheiving than a white one. I wonder if they demanded a re-count on her GPA.

Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Oklahoma, et al. what the HAY-ELL is wrong with you folks? People keep telling me The South is becoming more progressive. So…where is Arkansas on the timeline, 1955?

I think all educated black women should make a mass exodus from all states that were once part of the Confederacy. I am not really kidding. You can say what you want, but the lawsuit filed by Kymberly’s mother would have 99.999% for certain not have ever needed to be filed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Jose, Manhattan, Chicago, all the New England Westports, etc.

What the cuss is wrong with The South? I know! It’s all the mosquitoes and humidity. The mosquitoes must be carrying some yet-to-be identified racism virus that humans seem to have a hard time resisting. Those that do resist, move to the cities I mentioned up ‘yonder.

I hope her mother wins enough money to buy the entire town of Pine Bluff and burn it down.

“This was Chris-lyn Whis-lyn reporting from somewhere NOT in The South.”

BTW, Robynne had an EXCELLENT idea. Instead of belly-aching and waiting for Al and Jesse to show up,

“We could inundate the school board with letters or phonecalls to show our disapproval. They probably aren’t reading this blog.”

Here is the address and phone number:

McGehee School District
McGehee Public Schools
409 Oak Street/P. O. Box 767
McGehee, Arkansas 71654 USA
PH (870) 222-3670, FAX (870) 222-6957

Here’s a list of the administrators:

School Board of Directors > View School Board Minutes
William Campbell – President
Joe Herren – Vice President
Katie Daniels – Secretary
Clarke Pugh
Alice Banks
Toby Young
Jeff Owyoung

District Staff
Thomas Gathen, District Superintendent
Linda Tullos, Federal Programs / Curriculum Coordinator
Patricia Allen, District Bookkeeper
Rebecca McCallie, Assistant Bookkeeper
Jennifer Newhouse, District Admin. Secretary
Kem Christmas, District Secretary, HR
Cindy Grimes, Special Education Director
Debbi Minchew, Technology Coordinator / Director
Wes Minchew, IT Systems Manager, ISO
Steve Sandage, Maintenance and Transportation Supervisor
LaSandra Shaw, Food Service Director
James Devine, Transportation Manager

School Principals
Darrell Thompson, High School Principal
Marcus Haddock, High School Dean of Students, Athletic Director
Karen Anderson, Junior High Principal
Twilla Hardin, Elementary Building Principal
Kathy Henderson, Elementary Principal, ALE
Jerome Pace, Elementary Dean of Students

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