Sound Off! Are You Feeling Shea Moisture’s #BreaktheWalls Campaign?

Shea Moisture, widely popular around these parts for their excellent hair care and beauty options for women of color, has recently launched the #BreaktheWalls campaign, in which they try to equate the separation of ethnic hair care and the larger, mainstream beauty aisle to segregation. They are attempting to frame in the way in order to justify their move from the “ethnic” hair care aisle to the main aisle–away from the “black” brands.

Moving from one, lower-traveled aisle to the larger one makes good business sense, but to try to make it a race issue and stump like it’s some kind of “cause” is a bit disingenuous.

Now as an aside, I’ve met the founders of Shea Moisture–a couple brothers who started selling soap in Harlem and grew it into an empire. That deserves resounding respect. But I’ve noticed some stuff that most people in aren’t privy to. The parent brand of Shea Moisture is always at a natural products convention I attend. But I observed that this year, Shea Moisture, it’s most successful line, was notably absent from their large display booth. When I asked the reps about it, I sensed a noticeable discomfort, and before I even knew about this move I could sense that the company was trying to distance itself from…well…itself.

Personally, I like the idea of an “ethnic” section, because let’s face it, black women have different needs and routines than white women, and that’s not segregation, that’s just a natural fact. I just wish Shea Moisture would just come correct as admit this is a business decision and not some fodder for #BlackTwitter. Don’t piss on our legs and call it rain. I’m really tired of black folks using every and anything to be some sort of social justice campaign. Just tell me where the curl pudding is and STFU.

Will I keep buying Shea Moisture? As long as it’s good, then…yeah.

Sound off. What say you?


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