What the Cuss?

Source Exclusive: Essence Magazine Hires a White Dude to Run the Place.

You heard it here first, ladies. Rumor has it that Essence magazine, the flagship publication for black women who worship at the alter of ‘black kings,’ has a white managing editor ruling the roost, says my super-secret-source insider. As managing editor/head honcho, Micheal Bullerdick (yes; that’s his REAL name) will handle day-to-day operations at Essence, and bascially have the say-so (with the exception of the editor-in-chief) for whatever goes into the mag/rag from now on.

Personally, I care not about Mr. Bullerdick swinging his manhood all over the New York offices of Time Warner. It was inevitable. Essence has become completely irrelevant to a new segment of black women who actually feel like their smarts, looks and loyalty should be appreciated by ALL men, of all races, not just by the yearly dog-bone, “10 Black Men Who Want You!” piece geared to stroke the egos of men whose heads are bigger than a Dodger’s baseball bobblehead, and frankly don’t need it any more. They won. We lost.

Essence has taught us over the last few decades that black women should expect LESS not MORE from their partners. We should not expect to be married, because black men don’t want to. We shouldn’t expect help with raising a child, because 73% of black men don’t want to. We shouldn’t speak about how educated or well-travelled we are, because it makes black men feel inadequate. And we’d better not have a thing to say when the microscopic percentage of educated, well-to-do, upwardly mobile men go off to marry an Alicia Keyes look-a-like, or a Becky, Su Lin, Maria or Sehnita, because as MEN, they are entitled to mate with and marry whom they wish. Does that just about cover it? Somebody step in if I’ve missed something. Please don’t be shy.

The black-man worshipping in this publication turns people off, and it’s been that same one-note joke since the 1970’s. Don’t believe me? In 1970, Essence ran a piece that said this:

“Now that it is just the two of you, you have discarded your independence and you must rely on him. Even if you don’t feel that way in the beginning, show him that you do. Make him feel ten feet tall!”

Essence was successful in the propaganda to make black men feel tall, at the expense of making black women like the circus midget. They’re STILL doing this. All the pandering has. to. stop. Black women are SUFFERING listening to you. Your organization has failed us, with your blond-haired Beyonce covers every other month, picking NeNe as a panalist at your music festival, and advising women to find ‘good men’ in strip clubs. You ought to be ashamed, and you deserve to be where you are.

You catagorically ignored HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of black women LIKE US who don’t live by the ride-or-die meme. We ARE the ENLIGHTENED, and you won’t take our calls. You NIGNORE our comments, your entitled editorial staff brain storms in a bubble from yester-year. Now that you have lost your way, I wonder if NOW you will acknowledge US.

Speaking of acknowledging the obvious, the mag has kept the announcement of Mr. Bullerdick’s ascention to the top of Essence’s editorial heirarchy, but I recall not too long ago there was a big stink about a white fashion editor coming on board. Remember that?


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