Spotting a HVM: What Did Priscilla Chan See in Mark Zuckerberg?!

I know what you all are thinking. The newly-crowned queen of Facebook didn’t marry Mark for his money. They met nine years ago. Guess where?



Yep. They met while standing in line for the bathroom during a frat party. “He was this nerdy guy who was just a little bit out there,’ she told the magazine,” she said, according to the Daily Mail. Priscilla was smart enough to see the potential in this ‘geek’ and they grew in their success together. I know I’ve said this like your nagging Jewish grandmother, but I’ll say it again and again until you get it: College is a gee-dee smorgasbord of potential High Value Men (HVM) and there they are–all at your finger tips. Have any of you college girls seen the series I did on the You Tubes?

This is me on the couch in the middle of a quad at UC Riverside, surrounded by frat boy who were wondering why the black girls never come to their parties.

For some gawd-awful reason, college-age black girls aren’t getting the message about finding a future quality long-term mate in college like other races do. (And we all know why, don’t we?)

But don’t get it twisted, Priscilla isn’t just some cute Asian girl who works at Starbucks. She met Mark while they were both at Harvard. She going to medical school in San Francisco to become a pediatrician.

So ladies, while you’re going to college to maximize you employment opportunities, PLEASE DON’T FORGET to maximize your romantic opportunities in between cramming for exams.

Congrats, Mark and welcome to the world that swirls.

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