Black Women's Empowerment

Why are We Still Worried About Who Black Men Date?!

I ran across a video a student at Pace University did highlighting the trend of some black men openly proclaiming they would never date a black girl to anyone who will listen. You could clearly see how hurt the young black women were by such statements.

At this point, there’s little denying that there’s an open contempt of black women by some of the men who are *supposed* to love them, but my goodness–it’s been over 30 years since the first lamentations of black women hurt that the men whom they’d fought side by side during the Civil Rights Movement where quietly migrating to white and non-black women.


It was a slap in the face after the hard-won victory. But…after four decades, it’s time to stop wondering, begging, crying, and cajoling men into doing something they don’t want to do. Why on earth would you chase and beg men who repeatedly hurt and reject you?

Once black women realize they are FREE to find men of all races who will love and cherish them, then all the hand-wringing can make way to sanguineness. Go where you are celebrated, period.

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