Stinky Pits? Try this Trick to End Your Odor!

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I’ve recently switched from artificial deodorants and antiperspirants to more natural options. But unfortunately, they don’t always do the job.

But I just discovered a super effective way of controlling persistent underarm odor for a few days at a time…body scrub! Bacteria produce gas waste that creates the dreaded “B.O.”

We use scrubs to slough off dry skin, but why not use it to slough off the bacteria embedded in the skin that cause the odors in the first place? Scrubs also help reduce those dark marks in and around your underarms.

Woman skincare and bodycare procedure - topless ethnic black female body with hand applying moisturizing gel or scrubbing product on abdomen belly area.

How to:

Before entering shower, use a salt or sugar based scrub under your arms and rub around vigorously. Rinse in the shower and be sure to wash all the remaining residue and oils away with a gentle soap. Skip shaving your pits that day–don’t want to risk the irritation. Make sure your underarms are dried completely before applying deodorant.


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