Stuff I Like: Portrait-Ready, “Stay All Day” Foundation by Stila

stila bottle

As I age, my skin begins to act a little funny. The dry spots are dryer and the oily spots are still oily. So when you wear foundation with a T-Zone on overdrive, you want your skin to look “dewy” without being the poster child for Dawn dish detergent.

Last week at IMATS I met with Cory Bishop, the lead make-up guy over at stila cosmetics and he picked out a foundation and color just for my skin type: STAY ALL DAY in WARM no 13. He also matched me with some gorgeous coral–he slathered CONVERTIBLE COLOR in GLADIOLA, which is a creamy blush that doubles as a lip color.  He did me, and I was hooked. 😉



The foundation doubles as a concealer and foundation. The concealer is located at the top under a flip cap. The liquid is to be unscrewed and applied from a small spatula. A foundation brush is essential for a smooth finish. The product comes with a small one, but it’s more appropriate for concealing spots than for all-over application. It blends well and goes on silky smooth and doesn’t feel disgusting by dinner time.

I probably won’t wear this everyday–I much prefer a light BB cream with an SPF. No matter how advanced make up has come, I’m still paranoid that overuse will bring on the blemishes and increase my dependency.

But for the camera, this stuff rocks. It makes my skin look velvety smooth and when I wore it today while I was at the kids’ school volunteering, someone noticed, and then someone at Marshall’s noticed, and THEN someone at The Babster’s day care did too. Yep; it’s a keeper!

How to Use a Concealer

Stila “Stay All Day” Demo from Christelyn Karazin on Vimeo.


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