5 Natural Hairstyles for Summer

The summer can be brittle on our natural hair…well any season can be! However adding frizz to the mix is no joke! So I got some cute natural hairstyle for the summer that is totally on trend but will also fight the frizz while protecting your hair at the same time!

Add Jewels to a Braided Up do Like Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae Updo for Natural Hair

This trend for summer not only works for other races but it also works for WOC. If you like DIYing why not use gauge wire from your local craft store to create custom jewelry to your braids!

Finally make your Bantu Knots Perfect

Bantu Knots for Natural Hair

I’ve always wanted to rock those bantu knots! It’s not only protecting your hair but its also giving you some of that Rihanna Vibes! Why not master this hairstyle this summer!

Get Your “I Love Lucy” Swag on!

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This is a simple look for a girl on the go! Find a cute head scarf and add bobby pins to secure the top. This is perfect for the frizzy hair sistas! You could also cover the back and just showcase your natural bangs!

Go Classic with a bun or leave a little out!


This look has become one of the top favorites amongst a lot of girls especially on Instagram. If you don’t have long hair you can also put hair  clips or try braids.

90’s style is making a comeback!


Go back to the 90’s and rock these space buns! Think of it as 2 afro puffs! These are an easy go to style and once again you don’t have to have a lot of hair to rock this look! Get hair in you texture for a clean look!

So there you go some natural hairstyles for the summer  you can rock without damage to your hair!

Which style is your favorite for the summer?

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