Swirling in History Special – Colonial Swirl on Canvas!

It is no secret that black women have always been desired for marriage by men of all races for centuries. I am always looking for images whether photographs or oil canvas like these Casta paintings. These are gems of black women of various shades with white males. I only found a few of these fascinting art and history collections. So if you know of any more, please add the links. I have included credits when available as these portraits all came from the Internet. My focus is black woman interracial unions, not the names of the offspring they produced. By today’s standards the children of such unions would simply be biracial or multiracial, not assigned to some one drop, racist label.

There are several books and museum exibits on Casta paintings in Spanish Colonial America. Most of the pics were found on the Contructing Race with Images page from the Race in Colonial Mexico Collection (and European Collections).


Christian & Rebecca Protten

Christian Protten (1715-1769) and Rebecca (1718-1780) an ex-slave and Moravian convert were married in Germany in 1740; shown also is their child, Anna Maria Protten.  Christian is the child of a Danish father and African mother.  He as born in Denmark.  This gem was found at The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life of the America’s page website.  They have many priceless portraits.


mulatos union


casta 191725

casta 201725



 De español y mulata, morisca by Miguel Cabrea, 1763.
bw-wm painting Casta pating José de Alcíbar, 6. De Español y Negra, Mulato, ca. 1760-1770bw-wm Casta painting by José de Alcíbar, 1760-1770
casta 7


casta paintingThis is a more comical one of Casta paintings of Spanish and Negra producing Mulatta.  Looks like she is trying to box his ears.


Redenção de CamA Redenção de Cam (The Redemption of Ham)


Cast 9Andrés de Islas, 1774

Note: I notice there are several of the couples fighting. 

Could this be depicting everyday, normal life or contributing to stereotypes?

Casta 10Andrés de Islas, 1774

casta 12Andrés de Islas, 1774

Casta 13 Andrés de Islas, 1774

casta 17Andrés de Islas, 1774

casta 1 José de Paez, De Español, y Negra, Produce Mulato José de Paez

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