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The Rick Ross SMACK DOWN!! Thank-You Ultraviolet!!!!!!!

I know that Feminist take a beating around these parts but never let it be said that we do not give credit where credit is due.  Thank You  UltraViolet and the other feminist organizations for taking down the rapper Rick Ross a notch.

For those who are not aware Rick Ross is a rapper who thought it was A-ok to release a record containing lyrics  re. drugging a women to have sex with him i.e. date rape. 

The group  UltraViolet hit back at rape culture by spearheading a social media campaign of protest resulting in Reebok ending it’s ties to Rick Ross.  That is right.  Hit them in the wallet.

“This is not a hip-hop problem, this is an American problem,” said Nita Chaudhary, a founder of UltraViolet, which she says has an e-mail database of 400,000 people. “For Reebok, you are rewarding financially a man who is glorifying rape — and not only do you market and influence young men and boys but invest a great deal of energy marketing to women and investing a lot in women’s athletics. And that’s wrong.”

This an American problem that is true.  It is one that impacts  American women in general but most specifically impacts far too many black women and girls through hip hop.  Good to see some folks not standing for ratchedness, making excuses for the ratchet-mongers and taking action. This is how things get done in intact and culturally normal communities.

The template for action is here:


We do well to tuck this away for future reference.




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