The New, NEW Black Woman: America’s First Black Female NASCAR Driver, Tia Norfleet!

Talk about a good looking tomboy. She opted out of being Norfolk, Virginia southern bell so she could make some fools eat her dust. And I’m LOVIN the fact that she’s the FIRST black woman EVER to be accepted into the good ole boys’ NASCAR. Norfleet anticipates winning both on and off the tracks. Besides competing as a NASCAR driver, Tia’s goal is to teach young people, especially females, that it can be done, and it is not solely limited to racing either. (Smells like a New, NEW Black Woman to me).

NASCAR driver, Tia Norfleet, age 24

Is anyone wondering the obvious? Like, isn’t NASCAR supposed to be uh, *cough* sort of exclusive to the melanin challenged?

I thought it was, but apparently she’s be received with open arms.

Well, DUH! Only a blind man wouldn’t welcome her with open arms.

Norfleet, one of four, is taking after her father, Bobby, who is a 20-year NASCAR veteran. This 5-foot little shorty plans to big things. Her goal? To compete in the 2012 Daytona 500.

To find out more about Tia visit her site here.

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