The OLDER Woman’s Advantage in Interracial Dating

When other women are feeling “washed up,” black women are just getting started–especially if they know how to play the interracial dating and mating game. It’s been a long time coming, but there’s a major change in the air that greatly benefits today’s older black woman. More than any other woman, black women have the opportunity to maximize their ageless skin, charm, worldview and unique beauty to a group of men ready and willing to make you the prize.

But it will take more than just “showing up.” It takes a shift of mentality, physicality, presence and savvy to put yourself in the prime position to met (and marry) the men who want to win you as their prize.

I will be hosting a 2-day event on April 13 and 14 to discuss the in’s and out’s, do’s and don’ts of maximizing this MAJOR opportunity to meet quality men as an older black woman. Click here to enroll at the entry price. I only have 20 spots available, so hurry!

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