The Psychological Damage Done To Our Girls is Pure Evil.


I was shuffling through my “Question of the Week” letters and came across one that was pretty verbose. Bottom line–the young girl wanted to know whether or not a boy who often teases her is interested. But that’s not what got my attention. Take a read, and then look at what I highlighted in BOLD.

This is my first time writing in and I would like for my name to remain anonymous. There is this white guy I work with and for months now he has been giving off mixed signals toward me. It all started back in Feb. A mutual friend co-worker of ours up and quit. I noticed right after that guy left this guy started acting different toward me. Before the guy left we would casually talk. I remember the first day I started working there last August and I needed help looking for a car and he ended up helping me and that’s how we met. We walked that whole lot talking and looking for a car. I would always see him around but we never really talked. Then one day we started talking well it was more like I started talking to him and asking him questions. Then after that we would talk on occasion. 

Well once our friend left I noticed this guy started playing little pranks on me and every time he would pass my desk he would wave to me. Something he never did before. Then when I was moved to another department and I would sit in my cubicle sometimes when he would pass by me he would throw things at me. He would also pass by my desk and wave to me. We started communicating on Facebook back in Feb also. He would click “like” on my pics and statuses and we would talk in comments. He would always say he’s going to troll me. I would use his pics that I edited as my profile pic and then he started taking my pics and editing them and making them looking silly the way I would do his. About 2 months ago when I was helping out int hat department one day I came dressed up in a dress and one of the ladies asked me why was I so dressed up and who was I trying to get. Another lady said I know who she’s dressed up for he’s tall, handsome, and keeps to himself. 

So the other lady said oh I know who that is. I said now how do y’all know it’s him and the lady said I saw y’all together this morning at the printer. Back then we would always play around and chase each other around the lot. I realized I was falling for him because one week that’s all we did was just play around and chase each other and work was so much fun because of him. Well I asked my roommate if he thought the guy liked me and he said well yeah it’s pretty obvious because y’all play and talk. Then wham bam I realized I liked him. Well recently I thought he was mad at me and didn’t like me anymore because he blocked me on Facebook. Last Wednesday when we were driving back from San Antonio he was nodding off in the car and I shot footage of him sleeping. Well I uploaded it to Facebook but made the settings to where no one could see it but him and I. He sent me a PM saying “reported to Facebook” and then blocked me. The next day which was Thursday I didn’t go work and Friday’s I’m off. So we didn’t see each other for 4 days. Well this past Monday when I came back we ran into each other but I ignored him and kept walking past him. We didn’t say anything to each other all that day and then he had to help me with a delivery. So we were in the car in silence. I noticed he was acting strange like he would look up and then down and fidget with his fingers. 

Then we drove past my car and he said “you have a Hillary Clinton sticker on your car” and I said no I don’t. He said yes you do and I said no I don’t. I don’t even like her and he said well you do. I said well if it’s there you put it there. So when we came back from the delivery and I went and checked my car and sure enough the sticker was on there. I went to him and said “you did put that on my car why would you do that”. Then he said “because I’m a dick” and he just laughed. So then Tuesday I bought some products like scented panty liners, a 2 pack of douche, and a baby bottle and put it in his bag. Later that day when he was on lunch I went up to him and told him don’t throw my stuff away and he was like what stuff and I said you’ll see just don’t throw it away so I can take them back and get my money back. So it seems things are back to normal between us. I just don’t get it does he like me or not? Today I was thinking and talking to my roommate and saying maybe he’s not coming out and telling me because we work together and the company rules talk about fraternizing. But there are couples there that met on the job and are married or dating.

I also made the comment to my roommate of why would the guy like me. He’s conservative and possibly republican and a white guy. I’m a black female and Tommy Sotomayor and CadillacKadafi says nobody especially white guys don’t like black women. I guess what I meant was I’m one of those alternative black chicks that like Metal and have colored highlights in my braids. You couldn’t tell that around the office because I have to dress a certain way around there but we’ve had enough conversations with each other to know we have certain things in common and we know what we like. Anyway sorry this has gotten so long but I would like some advice.

P.S I forgot to mention there have been times in the past where he has given me silent treatment out of the blue. Sometimes it lasted for 2 weeks and maybe more. Then out of the blue he would throw something at me and things would go back to normal. A few times I asked him if he wanted to go do something but he would tell me no. I did notice he kept my stuff I gave him. By stuff I mean one time back in Feb I bought him a bookmark of a yellow rabbit with the words “Life.Get One” on it. He would keep it in his truck in his cup holder but when he started reading a book he was using it. Then he kept my piggy I bought him in his truck because he snapped a pic of his gun, hat, the pig, and drinking bottle and sent it to me.

Thanks in advance!


That right there hurts my heart to the core. So many young, impressionable black girls are on You Tube for a variety of reasons, and frankly, the frequency of young people turning to You Tube as their primary mode of visual entertainment is exploding. Problem is, the platform is rife with such soul-killing negativity, and even if you’re not looking for it, a simple and innocent search can cause a hateful video to pop up that can totally kill your spirit.

I’m getting letters like this of increasing frequency–young black girls utterly gobsmacked by the utter hate directed at them by these awful You Tube personalities.

Here’s my take:

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