The Psychology of Red Lips that Make the Guys Go “Meow”

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The holidays are swiftly approaching, and you might be determined to ring out the year by making a connection with a special guy. After all, you’ve been invited to holiday parties, engagement parties, drinks after work, clubs, etc. So one way you can get the guys to linger upon your visage for is for you to sport a sexy red lip and dramatic eyelashes.

Studies prove that wearing red makes women feel more powerful. Men also deem women who wear red lipstick as more attractive, and gaze at them longer, according to one report.

Scientists at the University of Manchester found that red lipstick draws attention to the mouth, most notably from the opposite sex.

In their study, they tracked the eye movements of 50 men who were viewing different images of women and found that men spent longer fixating on the women wearing red lipstick.

They found that they spent 7.3 seconds staring at red lips, 6.7 seconds on those with pink lips, and 2.2 seconds on those who wore no lipstick.


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From a biological perspective, red lips on a woman is a sign of fertility, which activates the primal part of the male brain. When a woman is ovulating, her lips are naturally redder and fuller.

Tips and Tricks

A matte lip applied generously literally makes a hot-blooded male’s heart skip a beat. If you go with a little glittery gold eyeshadow, the matte lips gives a great contrast. If you go matte on your eye shadow or go light with just mascara and liner, a glossy lip leads dramatic results.

Women of all shades can wear red, and there’s literally hundreds of shades to choose from. The thing to remember is undertones. If you have blue or red undertones, you can go with a red on the cooler side of the color spectrum. If you have warm gold, yellow or olive undertones, a red shade with gold undertones and highlights looks great.

To get a really dramatic lip, try this: Cover your entire lip with the powder or foundation you use for your face. Then go in a line your lips with red lipliner. Start from the outline and fill it all the way in. Then go over the liner with your lipstick. BOOM!!


In the photo above, I lined my lips with MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua lip, 8c, and topped with CAILYN COSMETICS Tinted balm in 08 (Big Apple).

Another recommendation is Lip Fixation in the color, PASSION by Jane Iredale. It’s both a lip stain and gloss. If you want to keep a matte look, you can apply the stain only. If you want the gloss, you can use it and it’s all in one package.


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