Black Women's Empowerment

For Those Who Think Insults Endear You…Think Again.

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One thing that the black community clings to for dear life is the notion that people can be changed and taught through humiliation and degradation. It’s their version of “tough love.” Ask any disenfranchised black male You Tuber about why they do what they do, their response is often, “I love black women. I just want them to act right. I’m just telling the truth!”

What these “geniuses” don’t realize is that humiliation as a tactic to affect change is called…ABUSE. Discipline through shame is more about the offender seeking attention and approval for himself than it is about actually changing a person’s behavior. Men who do this only wish to exercise their (limited) power by way of bullying.

You Tube is full of such men, and many of you know them by name. They hide behind the guise that they want to “help the community,” when it really is just about trashing and shitting on black women. And those who co-sign such nonsense may *think* that these methods are effective to reaching the hood-booger masses, but along the way, you will offend huge swathes of black women who don’t fit that bill, and will look at this message and turn on their heels as run, leaving these men with even less of a pool of suckers to exploit.

And the so-called “nice guys” who sit on their hands while these child-men rant for clicks are doing themselves a disservice, but many, many, MANY black women who might have been potential partners are silently observing and you passively watch their honor being dragged through the mud, and THEY ARE LEAVING. So you “nice” guys are going to be left with only the “Boomquishas” to fight over while quality black women enter the global dating marketplace.

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So you go on and let the black women haters do your dirty work for you, but just understand what you’re sitting back and watching happen. Thanks to women like me and sites like this, the women you fail to protect will find shelter in a place where they are celebrated, not degraded.

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