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Three Rain-beaus Fess Up on What Makes Black Women So Beautiful to Them

This post is not about feeding into our vanity. Okay; maybe it is a little. But it’s more like a finger in the eye of the people who will swear all the day long that non-black men aren’t interested in black women. And as we move into a brand-spanking new year, it’s time we continue to dispel myths, boil those crabs in the barrel, and shine while haters throw shade.

Lee Moulton, married to a black woman he met at a retail store (her mother introduced them) they have two great kids–a boy and a girl:

SMILE – I’ve always been attracted to a gigantic smile filled with white teeth (yes, I’m prejudiced, I prefer the white ones) with no gold trim. They must all be there (replacements ok).
LIPS – My beautiful wife said kids made fun of her lips growing up, but I would have loved them. Reba McEntire’s pencil-thin lips just won’t do. I especially like it when she wears shiny lip gloss. She prefers dark shades of Mac, but I prefer the glossy stuff that Eve wears.
I’m lucky because when I see classic beauties like Rosario Dawson, Gabrielle Union & Florence Griffith-Joyner, they all have those same features I love so very much about my wife.
HANDS – I love touching her hands–her long and elegant fingers and nice natural nails are beautiful. They’re always moisturized and the contrast is nice against my white hands.

Vic Olive, my Facebook friend

Physically-curves, exotic features
Emotionally-strength, confidence
I find these attributes in African American women primarily.

Brent, creator of the upcoming Blasian Magazine.

What makes a woman beautiful to me. A strong minded black woman. With style…grace…and not just a beautiful face. Someone who is strong goal oriented and drive. Successful in what she does as well as confident.

Was hoping to get his picture, but I snagged some from his FB fan page of other couples:

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