Throw Like a Girl; Take Your Team to the Little League World Series


By Pella

Apparently throwing like a girl is the new black.  Mo’Ne Davis a 13 yr old girl from Phillidelphia is taking her team, the Taney Dragons, all the way to the Little League World Series. Why is this such a big deal? Well in the last 7 decades only 16 girls have had the luxury of playing at the Little Legue World Series. Not only is she an amazing pitcher (she pitched a complete shut out in her latest game) but according to her coach she is also a leader on her team which says a lot in a male dominated sport. Mo’Ne is one of two girls scheduled to compete at the Little League world Series, Canadian Emma March being the second. The third time that a pair of women has made it this far. I hope they can face each other at the final!

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