Time to Reactivate the Friday Funny: “Who Would You Boink, Livefyre Edition!

It’s been a loooong time since we’ve done, “Who Would You Boink,” and we haven’t done it since Livefyre allowed for commenters to post pictures and videos. Now BOINK 2.0 will be even more delicious.

Okay here’s mine…

Henry Cavill…Lawd…LAWD!!


His lips are looking a little dry in this photo, though. Somebody pass him Lupita’s lip balm.


And then after Henry, Pharrell, because I love his face. He’s like the sexy nerd I lusted for in college.


And this dude right here.


And then him too…



I’m such a whore.

Now, your turn. Who’s got you all hot and bothered these days?


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