Black Women's Empowerment

This is Why It’s Time to Sit These Marches Out.

I won’t say his name because I care not to summon the devil, but I can bet you can guess who wrote this vile literary excreta.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 4.57.04 AM

How long did it take for this man and his 100,000+ followers to blame Philando Castile’s death on his girlfriend because she’s a “hair hat” with poor style game? How long did it take for this cretin to degrade black women and elevate non-black women by suggesting that black men who couple with them don’t get killed?

Until the MEN of the black community call out this nonsense, I suggest you stand down and stay down. They only dust you off when they need you, and will find a million ways to blame you for everything from the downfall of the black race to global warming and moon spots.

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