Turns out the Glass Matters.

I like my beer just as much as the next woman. I live in Philly after all, which a a major beer town. Hubby and I are home brewers and when traveling he and I always try what is local. Sometimes this works, some times not so much. Sorry Baltimore we tried your Natty Boh recently at a place in Fels Point. Nah Uh.

I know all about styles, flavors and temperatures to serve the stuff but now I read that the glass it is served in matters. Really? Yep, check this out…

I am a Sam Adam’s fan and they even provide a map of their cool looking glass so there!

Sam Adam’s beer glass Map:


I ask you. Does any of this even matter? I know in wine circles they beat their gums about the glasses but to me a lot of that is pretentious nonsense and an attempt to sell you over priced stemware. We are told that the shape of the glass not only enhances the flavor of the wine but directs the beverage to the correct areas of your tongue for a better drinking experience. I kid you not we were told that at a recent wine tasting we attended.
The set of glasses they were pushing were $80 per person for 4 glasses of various shapes and sizes.
Do the math if you want to have a service for say six or what I usually keep which is a service for 12. I do have fancy lead crystal glasses that I rarely use but honestly, I buy my wine glasses, either Libby or Anchor Hocking by the case. They work fine.

Getting back to the beer. I do have the tall pilsner glass at my house and glass steins which I sometimes put in the freezer to chill before drinking my beer but that is about it. I will be honest however and admit that my go to glass is the IKEA glass that I drink everything else out of. Do we really have to get all that complicated about beer? Do we really need a full set of say 10 different glasses to enjoy our brew? I suppose it is all in fun and for some will enhance ones enjoyment. Does it have to be that complicated? Me? I know that I am heading for the door should I run into a beer “expert” going on and on about the glass and not what is in it.

So what say you? What is your beer of choice and does the glass really matter?

For those who want to learn more here is a series of short videos that will get you started with a little history of beer and beer making as well as the different types.

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