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Twilight Zone: GAT-DL Doing the Swirl? Please don’t have babies.

Yesterday I was on a radio show run by three really cute girls, who by the way, will be at our Atlanta meet-up at Carpe Diem on March 25–have you reserved yet?

Takes a listen:

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The second caller, Alma Hudson, said something that made me cringe just a little bit more than a little bit. She essentially says that any child she has with a rainbeau is black by default. This is a strong cup of what-the-cuss. And her reason for doing so was because she grew up in the Civil Rights era and she will take ownership of 100% of the DNA structure of her half non-black kids.

Newsflash Guardians of All Things Dark & Lovely (aka GAT-DL), a lesson in biology might be helpful: it takes 50% of female DNA and 50% of male DNA (regardless of what color he is) to create 100% of a baby. Halle, are you listening?

Now I know that the GAT-DL think “blackness” is more state of mind than color. What Alma means is that she would raise her child to be 100% Afro-centric, 100% black identified. Eff what the dad is…”thay blaaaaack!!!”

Take it from a mom of three bi-racial kids. This is a mistake. A big one.

One of the LAMEST things I heard (from ONLY black people) when I started seriously dating the hubster was, “What about the children? Won’t they be confused?” Hay-ell yeah, they’ll be confused, if you tell them they are “black” when their German, Irish, Italian, Chilean, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, or Indian Chief father is sitting on the easy chair watching Sports Center.

At the VERY LEAST, you’re dooming your child to a big, fat, “F” in biology.

At worst, you are completely discounting 50% of that child’s legitimate heritage, and if you are willing to do that, then you should not inter-marry, inter-mix, inter-date, or inter-act. You are asking a child to discount half of him or herself, and you are selfish and destructive. Yep, I said it. And…I mean it.

Luckily, these mentalities are changing, but seriously GAT-DL, if you want 100% black children, have babies with 100% black people–whatever that means. (I don’t know about ya’ll, but I got Indian in me!) I think the CRAZIEST thing I see more than I like to is black men married to white women and HATE white people. What the EFF is that? But obviously, it goes both ways.

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