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Updates on the blog!

Greetings BB&W Readers!


Thank you all so much for your suggestions, requests and thoughts on what you want to see on the blog. If you have any further suggestions, you can continue to leave them in the comments below this blog, or in the previous article, linked here.


To engage with our audience more and keep the blog active, a new blog post will be posted every day at 8am PDT. If you like the content you are seeing, feel free to share on social media as you so desire, or continue to leave your comments to keep the discussion going.


Starting in September, in line with your suggestions, we have come up with some themes we hope you will enjoy, including:


Medical Mondays, to include discussions and possible solutions for a wide variety of health-related topics;

Tough Topic Tuesdays, where we discuss some heavy, hard-hitting topics,

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Pill, where things are light, and focuses on black women of all ages living, and living well,

Thriving Thursday, to cover anything from mate selection practices, to financial strategies

Free Talk Friday, where anything goes (within reason, of course)

Swirling Saturday, featuring interviews from BW in IR relationships, and anything related to interracial dating, and

Success Sunday, which focuses on success, and what it can look like/mean for our audience


In addition to this general framework, we will be writing on current events, social commentary, case studies, and many other topics that appeal to our audience.


If you have any additional suggestions or topics you would like to see, feel free to leave it in the comments below!


BB&W Team

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