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On Vetting: Dump Toxic People Who Prefer You to Sustain Unhealthy Habits

I ran across a news story about a woman who lost 150 pounds of extra weight who had to also end an engagement with a man who would rather see her morbidly obese for his own fetishizing and pleasure than to keep the weight so she could save her life.

Eve Parker told the Huffington Post, There was always this inner conflict of the very thing that was killing me — giving me the sleep apnea, my blood pressure was 200 over 100 — the very thing that was keeping me so unhealthy was the very thing giving me the one thing I wanted, which was love and acceptance from a man.” It was when Parker’s doctor informed her that she “may not live to be 40” that she knew she had to make a change, even if it meant breaking up with the man she loved.

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Ladies, run far from ANYONE whose love is contingent on your maintaining dangerous habits that can lead to your destruction or diminishment. And this isn’t just about the people around you who are invested in keeping you obese and risking your life. It could also be that man who insists on not wearing a condom. Or a girlfriend who is more comfortable with your dating bums and thugs like she is. Is could also be that aunt or cousin who pokes fun or your healthy eating habit. These people are selfish and care more about their own comfort and pleasure than they care for you.

Keep them away. Very, very far away.

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