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Video: Asian Men and Black Women Give Advice on How to Date Each Other

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I got a chance to meet up with one of the largest AM/BW groups (500 strong) while on my trip to New York last month. What was said was candid and enlightening. Here’s just some of it:

“Asian parents are very strict and don’t approve of us dating black women.”

“I’ve personally been shot down by a black woman [for being Asian]”

“I didn’t think Asian men were interested in black women because the shape of our bodies are different.”

All these assumptions, presumptions and hard truths makes it necessary for AM/BW social groups.

Thanks to the group for their candidness and honesty. It’s hard to admit the hard truth that many Asian parents can not accept their sons dating non-Asian women. There are cultural reasons for this that we’ve gone over before, but I have hope that in time, those obstacles will be overcome.

After all that I thought it would be fitting to add this…dude is freeeking CUTE!

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