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Video: Black Girl Gets the Princess Treatment, Marries Adorable Rainbeau in a Castle!

I just got an email from the bride in this video, and one look completely took my breath away. She was treated how I hope every black woman in the world will one day by treated…like a princess destined to be a queen. Is BB&W changing lives and empowering black women across the globe? Read for yourself.


I am from the UK and I am married to a white man. We have had a few things to overcome but for the most, it has been a wonderful experience!! I thought it would be nice to share with you the highlights edit from my wedding video? I am 26 and he is 32 and we have a 5 month old daughter together. Feel free to show the video on your website!! Thank you for everything you are doing for women of colour. It’s good to have someone with a voice!!


Get your tissues ready. Feast your eyes on Nicola and Wesley.

Dang…is that a castle?! Here’s to every little black girl in the world finding her prince!

Hands down, I’ve got the best job in the world.

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