Vintage Swirl: Meet Ed and Wanda, Married in 1969

Dear Christelyn,

I have watched several of your videos on ‘you tube’ now, and have come to the conclusion that not only are you very beautiful, but you are also a very warm, caring, and astute person. Your husband must be very proud of you, and I am sure likewise, that you are both very proud of your family and children.

I met my wife Wanda in 1963 (Yes, we’re that old, I will be 86 in May this year.)

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.48.34 PM

We dated for 5 years before marrying, because of money needs etc. as we wanted to get a house etc.

We married in June 1969 and will be celebrating our 47th Wedding Anniversary in 2016. We now have three children, (all adults now, of course,) and while not rich by any means, all three have successful jobs.

We love holidays down at the beach, and have been travelling to Florida annually since 1977. You can no doubt understand that over the years, we learned a little about prejudice. However, we live in Canada, and fortunately racial prejudice is not so prevelant as it used to be.

I have also read a lot, and in my reading one time, came across a comment by someone, (darn, I can’t remember who it was now,) but that writer said: “The age of the Golden Man is coming” By that he meant that we will all be a honey brown color eventually, because of interracial marriages.

As I am sure you are aware, (if you have thoroughly read and understand evolution,) that regardless of what some may think, we all came out of Africa.

Anyway, I guess that is enough for now, I will add more later, (if you wish,) but in the meantime I will attach two photos, one of us when we were married in 1969 and one taken just a couple of years ago.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.49.01 PM
All the very best,
Ed and Wanda

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