Want a Date for Halloween? Here’s How You Can Get One.

It’s 27 days until Halloween, and there’s a very good chance you might get a date if you join or update your online dating profile with this challenge:

“Are you interesting enough to go trick or treating with me?”

Then follow up with a picture of your most fetching Halloween costume, either from a previous year or for the upcoming one…

Beautiful african woman in a carnival costume


Angela Bassett photographed on the set of American Horror Story 'Coven' in New Orleans 10/29/13

The offer is actually incredibly brilliant, if I do say so myself. In fact, if I were single, I would be jumping on this and heading to Party City for a sexy witch costume with the quickness. Offering a playful challenge makes you appear alluring and mysterious. It will be seen as a challenge to the alpha male type, and even the geeky, Cosplay type. You’ll also stand out from all the others with your cool Halloween costume and allows you to be a little be sexy and daring without communicating the wrong idea. After all, you’re role playing.

Issuing a challenge to snag you by Halloween could also mean you’ll have multiple suitors vying for the chance for the October 31 first date, and allows your potential guy to be creative and save you from the lame-assed “Netflix and Chill” nonsense.

For the guys, planning a first date on Halloween almost nearly guarantees it will be interesting with little chance of either one of you being bored. You’ll get extra cool points for being creative, too. Chances are your town is having some grown-up Halloween event, especially if you live near a big city. When I was in college West Hollywood had the HUGEST Halloween carnival ever, and it’s 100% free. Nearly 20 years later and I have not forgotten how my eyes popped out my head when hubby and I attended when we were dating. This is what it looks like…


A first date on Halloween could mean a steady potential beau by New Year’s, and then, who knows? How cool would it be to celebrate your one year anniversary gathering sweets and role playing?

I suppose this is a good time to mention I’m a brand ambassador for, and really think you should sign up and do the Halloween Challenge asap so I can make a video of your success story, like I done for countless other happy couples who met there.

So what do you think? Who’s game for the Halloween Dating Challenge?


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