Washington Post: “I Feel Guilty for Being a Black Women Who Doesn’t Date Black Men”

The Washington Post recently ran an essay by a black woman who wrote about her internal struggle with guilt about dating interracially. Like with most of us, the guilt comes from a sense that we have somehow given up on finding “black love” ourselves, and have been led to believe that “black love” is the superior and universally approved couple status. But when it comes to application, the author had a couple falls starts and moved on to find men of other races who had no problem stating their interest and following through. Some were good, others not so much. She also rejected the notion that only a black man can truly love her looks and understand her struggle, and is very happy right now with a man with blue eyes and “perfect teeth.”

The truth is, black women are probably the most guiltiest feeling women when it comes to interracial dating and mating. It’s the reason this blog exists.

What say you? Ever feel guilty about your dating choices?

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