Wear Green Eyeshadow…Like a BOSS!


Summer is a time for color…lots of it! That doesn’t just go for your clothes, either. I like to create looks that coordinate with my outfits…and I’ve got a few lime green outfits in my closet just dying to be paired with this look!

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that bright bold colors aren’t for dark girls, because they were practically made for us! The right shade of green sets off brown eyes. Urban Decay is probably one of my favorite eyeshadow purveyors because they pack so much pigment and their color palettes are to die for.

They come out with palettes a few times a year, and the color I’m wearing is from their last season’s offering…”Electric.”


I’m wearing the green on the bottom right, second to the last shade.  This selection is highly pigmented and super long lasting, especially if you use a primer first. I’m really liking Paula Dorf’s eye primer.



You can apply this primer either with your fingertips for a flat, tightly compacted wet/dry brush like this one…


I applied the green shadow with an angled brush on the lower lid and used a super thin eyeliner brush to run the color at the bottom. And if you look closely, I applied a gold shadow on the inner part of my upper lid and a darker brown blended on the outer portion and blended it so it appears to be gradient.

The finishing touch is the cat eye liner. In this photo I’m used Two Faced Three Way Lash Lining tool, which has a flat tip you turn sideways to get really tight at the bottom of the lid and expertly produces a cat eye.g_21025

The function of the serrated tip is because it dubs as a lash thickener.

Final step? Your favorite jet black mascara!

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