Weigh In: Paparazzi Coverage of Swirlers, a Good Thing?

So everybody in the swirling interwebs are going crazy over this:

And I must admit I smile to myself when I see all the celebrity gossip columnists foaming at the mouth about Michael and Nicole swirling. Whilst this in-yo-face! invasion of these folks’ privacy is probably annoying, they’re doing us plebs a favor. As another blogger mentioned, they “normalize” these relationships. I’ll even go one further–you have a HIGH VALUE MAN involved with a real, honest-to-goodness BLACK woman. Not mixed. Not some “exotic” model. Just a pretty black girl (yes; I know she’s an actress). Me likey.

Here’s why it’s important. Men are competitive with each other. And when they see a High Value Man (HVM) arm-in-arm with a woman, rest assured they’re evaluating that women and sizing her up. He wants to be a HVM too, so guess what he’s gonna do? Go out at get a woman just like his.

Would LOVE to hear what The Crew thinks…so spill it.

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