No Wedding, No Womb!

Well, You Done Did It. I’m Pooped!

This week’s been a whirlwind, and I’m more tired than Tim Alexander.

So, this Sunday I will go into a coma; well-timed to awake on Monday. But before I leave, I have news.

No Wedding No Womb received it’s filing for Articles of Incorporation! (just a fancy way of saying we are now allowed to file for state and federal nonprofit status) It took about 100 years, but it’s done, and now the real red tape begins. Le sigh. But all worth it in the end. I was so excited when I saw that big yellow envelope with the State of California on it I made The Hubster take a shot for prosperity.

In the meantime, I figured you all would appreciate an update on what we’re doing with all the donations. So without future ado (just pay no attention to the last part; I made the video yesterday, and we got the paperwork today, so…)

Oh…and we got some more donations AFTER I made this video, so we’re at about $2000. Darned lightning-fast internet!

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