Whaaat?! Shea Moisture Has a New Professional Line!

I went to Sally’s today to get some mini bun forms because I’m doing my quarterly hide-my-ends phase to keep my ‘fro Diana Ross inspired, and saw something amazing.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 8.08.29 PM


You’ll notice that the packaging is a bit different. The bottles are larger and ingredients are also different. This product is so new it doesn’t even appear on the website, and only appears to be on Sally’s Beauty. They have three new formulas: Curl Care, Color Care, and Smooth Finish. I picked the Smooth Finish because I’m using a warm blow dryer to stretch my hair to make it easier to manipulate in various protect hairstyles. When I’m wearing my hair like this, I’m looking for a product that keeps my hair feeling strong and helps protect from the minimal heat and smooth the follicle help produce natural shine.

I tried the shampoo today while I was at South Coast Winery and Spa, and washed twice with the shampoo, which has a very nice lather, slip and you can tell it’s softening instead of stripping. I then applied the conditioner and put my hair in a ponytail while I was in the steam room. After a few minutes I ran a shower comb through and the tangles just slipped away. My hair felt super soft too. So far, it’s great, but I wasn’t seeing much difference between this formula than what I can find at CVS or Walgreens. Basically this is product that costs twice as much (around $19.99 each product), but you get twice as much.


After I rinsed the condoner I applied the Professional Finish Blow Dry Cream, so new Sally’s doesn’t even have an image of it yet.

Once I got home I blow-dried, was when I saw the difference. My hair felt strong and soft, and was pretty shiny for not having to put on a bunch of grease or flat iron…





I do know this much–this is Shea Moisture’s appeal to reach professional salons, so I’m betting the ingredients are more concentrated so a little will go a long way. They’re also in pump bottles–another indicator they’re hoping to entice beauticians.

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