What Can We Learn from Meaghan Markle?

Meghan Markle, the daughter of a black American mother from Compton, is about to marry into the highest class there is. But with a complicated history of a previous marriage, jealous, viperous family members, white women who are appalled that “royal blood will be tainted” how does she successfully navigate through all the negativity, manufactured scandal with so much grace? What is she DOING that keeps her WINNING? Let’s investigate, analyze, and incorporate.
When: May 17-19 (Two-hour presentations on 17-18; live watch party on the wedding day)

In this 3-day real-time case study, we will go over Meghan Markle as our Pink Pill muse. Her biography and early days, the critical turns in her life that brought her to where she is, her dress and comportment, her speech and elocution, how she reacts and answer to awkward questions and criticisms, how she interacts with her fiance, Prince Harry soon-to-be royal in-laws, and more.

At the end of this amazing event, we will have a LIVE watch party via private Google hangouts in which we will have our tea and champagne ready as we watch America’s princess become a royal.

Due to the technology, space is limited. The presentation includes downloadable course overview and audio recording. Click here to join. 


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