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What Da Cuss?! Michelle Obama Booed at NASCAR

For some inexplicable reason, I woke up at 3:30 AM, just in time to hear my boob tube announce that Michelle Obama, the FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES was booed upon introduction at a NASCAR race. The boos where so loud on the audio there was no way to play it down or give the audience the benefit of the doubt (was that a “boo” or an achoo, or “we love you?!”)

Nuh uh.

Thousands of boos. My first thought was, well, the NASCAR-ians are just mad at her husband and since he wasn’t there, they took it out on the closest person to the first dude–his wife. But…Michelle was there for an initiative to support our troops, and aren’t those folks supposed to be rabidly patriotic?

Lots of excuses were thrown around. The White House played it down, saying “It was a chaotic event and it wasn’t clear what people were booing.” Huh. Really?

It’s pretty clear who got the cheers (the soldiers and veterans) and who got the boos: Michelle Obama and Joe Biden’s wife. I might be wrong, but I can not recall hearing boos when other first ladies repped for their pet projects. But what really sticks in my craw: ALL THE ABC NEWS REPORT SAID IT WAS MICHELLE AND MICHELLE ONLY THAT GOT BOOED! But, wasn’t Mrs. Joe Biden not right there, too? Is it not possible the two women were booed as a set? Not according to the all-knowing media. Nope. All the boos were for Michelle, because they said so. I mean, how could anyone boo a cute, skinny blond?

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