What One Juicy Tomato Can Do Just as Well as a $50 Serum


Two days ago I put on a treatment masque that you’re not supposed to keep on for more than 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I fell asleep with it on. The next morning I woke with irritated cheeks with small bumps, like a rash, that was sensitive to the touch.

I freaked out! Those bumps looked like those areas on the face of women who wear too much foundation–bumps that ain’t fooling nobody!!!

On top of that, the masque I used had exfoliating properties so I know my skin would be photo sensitive, and might cause dark discolorations as the skin healed. No bueno.

Then I remembered back when I was writing a feature for Better Homes & Gardens about health remedies around the world. I had a nanny at the time–Hortensia–a very beautiful and motherly Mexican immigrant. She told me that he mother taught her that a freshly sliced tomato is the best remedy to reduce scarring and even help ease the pain.

I decided to investigate. Turns out tomatoes are packed with Vitamin C, an antioxidant that combats free radicals and has healing properties. Tomatoes also have biotin, Vitamin K, Vitamin B and Vitamin E. These elements all work to keep the skin looking gorgeous, and Vitamin C serums are popping up everywhere, and for a damn pretty penny.

And reduces skin irritation and inflammation. There’s also some research to support that applying tomatoes topically can relieve acne. Of course there’s most likely not going to be a university study sponsored by a cosmetics company, because there’s not much to be made on marketing a fruit you can grow in your backyard.

Organic tomatoes are chemical free, and the juices are immediately bioavailable and this vitamin-packed anti-inflammatory “serum” can be immediately absorbs through the skin. No need to worry about potency either, because there’s no need to store it, thus no time for the ingredients to degrade or become less effective. If you want to save the remains of the sliced tomato, put it in an airtight bag and refrigerate in the butter container, which is the warmest part of the fridge (tomatoes are sensitive to cold).

So I cut a corner off one of my juiciest beefeater tomatoes and rubbed it all along to affected area and let it dry there. Once dry, I reapplied another “coat” and let it dry again. I repeated a third time, and then let the tomato mask sit on my face for about an hour. I rinsed with some cool water and followed up with a gentle moisturizer and I could already see the reduction in the raised, irritated area. By morning, they were virtually gone.

In truth, my skin felt a bit dry (which is good if your skin is oily), and after washing with water on a soft washcloth, I applied Rodan + Fields SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment and Moisture Replenishing Cream $53, and my skin said, “AHHHHHHHHH.”


This line was created by the dermatologists who made Proactiv. They had a lot of success with the line, and I can say for certain that it literally saved the self esteem of my 12 year-old, who started getting acne at 11. But the docs sold the company and realized that when it comes to skin, one size does NOT fit all. I’ve partnered with Rodan + Fields as a provider after researching the product lines for over two months. You know I NEVER endorse anything I wouldn’t buy myself, and this time, I’ve actually become a representative and offering the products I like best to this community, and in turn, you support helps keep the lights on!

What I love about the SOOTHE line is that it’s completely fragrance free, reduces inflammation and has a mineral-based SPF.

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