What To Wear to a Summer Wedding

So you received the invitation in the mail and there are a few lines that have you all in a tizzy because of course you have no idea what “Black Tie Affair” or “Hippie Chic” or “Roaring 20s Inspired” mean.

Of course, that is what I am here for, to help you navigate the field mines of proper attire for trending wedding themes this summer. Hang on to your tea hat, let’s do this.

Black Tie Affair

Formal Summer Wedding


Belted dress, 71,445 KRW / Neon shoes, 187,540 KRW / J by Jasper Conran black clutch, 35,720 KRW / Fantasy Jewelry Box oversized ring, 31,990 KRW / Stella & Dot jewelry, 90,420 KRW / Chain jewelry, 200,300 KRW / Juicy Couture dangle earrings, 28,615 KRW / Lip makeup, 16,025 KRW / MAC Cosmetics , 24,035 KRW / Nail polish, 17,155 KRW


Why it Works

Black tie doesn’t necessarily mean ball gown these days unless of course your friend is from a well to do WASPY family, in which case, scratch this outfit. Ho wever, if your friends are just plain ol’ middle class folk like the rest of us this outfit is especially smashing because the polkadots make a statement. I mean really, its ok to somewhat outshine the bride, seriously, she has found her mate, you are still looking. With this strapless bodice and fashion forward pattern you can’t go wrong at this affair.



Garden Part Wedding

Garden Wedding


Pink dress, 85,790 KRW / Nine West platform shoes, 56,060 KRW / Zara clutch handbag, 34,310 KRW / Anna Beck Designs cocktail ring, 101,590 KRW / Ellen Himic gold post earrings, 280,290 KRW / Nail polish, 17,150 KRW / Golden necklace / Fashion Fair Lip Teasers®

Why it Works

Florals are so in this season and what better place to wear them than a Garden styled wedding? Add a few bright colored accessories here and there and you will look as if you are in full bloom. All the single hotties will be flitting around you to get a whiff of your scent.



Hippie Chic Wedding


Hippie Wedding
Oasis floral dress, 62,710 KRW / Flat shoes, 68,630 KRW / H&M zip bag, 17,900 KRW / Fantasy Jewelry Box slip ring, 68,585 KRW / Yellow gold jewelry, 8,960 KRW / Privileged NYC butterfly hair accessory, 45,760 KRW / Revlon lip gloss, 8,570 KRW / Soraya / Butter London nail polish
Why It Works
We all have them. Those hippie friends that like to buck convention. They are so granola that even granola bars have fewer nuts and flakes. But we love them and there is no way in hell we would miss their wedding. And here is an outfit that looks as if you chose it from your closet effortlessly, but your friends don’t know that you spent days, nay, weeks searching for the perfect shoe to go with the green in the dress. Despite the casualness this outfit will not go unnoticed and you will look like the stylish hipster friend coming in from Hollywood.
New England Mod Nautical Theme Wedding
Mod New England Theme Wedding
J.Crew striped dress, 112,115 KRW / Nine West sandals, 56,060 KRW / Pink handbag, 34,265 KRW / Yochi chain jewelry, 68,640 KRW / Coach ring, 112,115 KRW / Zoe & Morgan gold plated jewelry, 261,585 KRW / Make Up For Ever makeup, 26,315 KRW / Lip makeup, 16,015 KRW / Urban Decay waterproof eyeliner, 25,170 KRW / Nail polish, 17,150 KRW / Gold tone earrings
Why It Works
So your friend is in the Navy and they are stationed in Connecticut. Or maybe they are from a Nouveau Riche New England family who are a tad bit quirky. If that is the case then this outfit is for you. The stripes, the nautical jewelry and the cute red sandals all make a statement. The statement that you take life as it come, even if it is on a floating island made of steel.
Great Gatsby Themed Wedding
Jazz Inspired Wedding
Oasis going out dress, 71,665 KRW / Black shoes, 53,770 KRW / IMoshion handbag, 85,800 KRW / Liz Palacios cocktail jewelry, 85,800 KRW / Marc by Marc Jacobs pave bangle, 112,115 KRW / Yellow gold jewelry, 62,920 KRW / Hair accessory, 9,265 KRW / MAC Cosmetics , 20,020 KRW / Dolce&Gabbana nail lacquer, 32,250 KRW / Fashion Fair Lip Teasers®


The Great Gatsby and Jazz style is blazing up the scene this summer and fall and trust and believe the wedding industry is taking note. With this simple but elegant ensemble you can’t go wrong and you will definitely be making a statement. A statement that says I am refined but I have a wild side.

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